Monthly Archives: April 2015

Tonight I cooked Bean and Sausage Stew.


This is from the Marie Claire “comfort food” cook book. It contains some of my favourite ingredients – leeks and beans! This was a really satisfying and hearty dish – would definitely make it again.

I picked this challenge because I have a couple of cook books that haven’t really been used to their full potential. I love buying cook books … but I think if I’m going to keep buying them I need to start justifying owning them!


I originally put this on my list in order to expand the number of “easy week night dinners” that I knew. I love the idea of a slow cooker – of putting your ingredients in it the morning before work and then coming home to a ready made (& home cooked!) dinner. The truth is I don’t cook that often though so I didn’t really know where to begin with slow cooker recipes.

When I began researching slow cooker recipes I was surprised by how many different things you can cook with a slow cooker. I immediately decided that I would have to show a little more variety with my slow cooker recipes – and that would begin with the first one, home made slow cooker yoghurt!


I used this recipe from That Mama Gretchen. In my picture I have it over porridge with stewed rhubarb.

The yoghurt is runny but tastes fantastic – it is plain, natural yoghurt so you can use it with sweets or savoury. If you strain it for a longer period of time you can thicken it up but I was impatient so only strained it for maybe an hour or two. I used no fat milk but if you use whole milk you may get a creamier consistency. All in all I am very happy with how it turned out!