Monthly Archives: July 2015


Ryan Gander: READY ONLY @ ACCA. Image André Morin.

I visited this exhibition with DD at ACCA. I had never heard of Ryan Gander before but I enjoy seeing contemporary Art and DD was interested in going to see this artist in particular.

We were warned by a woman at the entry to the exhibit that it wasn’t an “easily accessible” show by which we took to mean ‘you are going to have a hard time making sense of it’.

It seemed like a random collection of all kinds of different works by him – painting, sculpture, video and a framed choose your own adventure for example. It’s unusual that you see so much variety produced by the same artist.

I’d actually never heard of ACCA either – the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. It’s a great space in Southbank and the exhibitions are always free, so we’ll really have to get down there more.